BACRoom Bar



Our cosy BACroom bar is open every Wednesday and Thursday, plus event nights.

The bar opens at 7pm and events tend to kick off around 7.30-8pm


Friday 13 October 7:30pm

An evening of World, Funk, Soul, Jazz and an eclectic mix of music from the past 70 years.

With the presenter Steve Coram, DJ from Glastonbury FM

1st Thursday: Pub Quiz, £2 entry

BAC’s very own pub quiz with general knowledge and themed rounds.

2nd Wednesday: Folk Session – FREE

Rob and Jenny Williams lead a friendly session and singaround.

2nd Thursday: Storytelling Sharing Night – £2 entry.

Each piece should be roughly 5 minutes long. If you want to secure a slot, please email Kate: or it will be a case of first come first serve.

3rd Thursday: Acoustic Session – FREE

Tunes from any era and any genre. Old and young all are welcome.

4th Thursday: Jazz Session – FREE

A fabulous evening of Jazz for you to join or relax to.

4th Thursday: Creative Club – FREE

The club provides an opportunity to explore and develop your own potential by swapping ideas with others in a congenial and welcoming setting.  Enjoy a drink at the bar at Britain’s very first Arts Centre, against the background of an excellent jazz band.

The chief enemy of creativity is ‘good’ sense, so said Pablo Picasso. So let’s be a bit foolish and gather at Bridgwater Arts Centre. All sessions are open to all standards, just bring your brain, your voice, your instrument, your ears or your eye!

Please note that these may be subject to cancellation when there is a theatre event on.