Fleetingwood Mac

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Fleetingwood Mac are a young and exciting new tribute to the legendary band Fleetwood Mac.

Bring across the live sound of Fleetwood Mac, with just one guitar, a keyboard, a drum kit, a man on the bass and of course, the vocals!
They create a genuine Fleetwood Mac sound, but with a modern edge.
A band who over time have featured eight different Guitarists & Vocalists. A band that tours arenas all over the world, with six extra touring musicians. A band that started out as part of the sixties British Blues Invasion and ended up as one of the biggest mainstream groups of the eighties. Let’s not even get into the scandals, relationships and excesses……
We work hard in rehearsals to get the details right and do justice to some classic songs that play a huge part in many people’s lives.
We also want to introduce the songs to a new generation of Fleetwood Mac fans, who just like ourselves, weren’t even born when the band were in their prime. We do not go on stage pretending to be Fleetwood Mac, instead we go on as who we are, five young musicians who love the music, and want to share the music of one of the worlds greatest bands to a wider audience.