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This season:


07.03 – 29.03

Marmite People

Bridgwater and Taunton College Exhibition





People shape our world. Politicians and activists continue to assert their influence on a global and local level.  Some of these people are loved by all, some are nearly universally despised. Many people of influence divide opinions or see their reputations rise or fall over time.  These opinions are often moulded by the press but are also genuinely felt through our own experiences or sense of what is right. Some people are inspirational through their humanity and dignity in difficult circumstances; their experiences can help reshape our own understanding of the world.  Others can open our eyes to cruelty and horror through their misdeeds. Some people have invented things or accidentally triggered something that snowballs out of control. Art and design students have responded to people who have, in some way, shaped our world. Marmite People invites you to consider our response to these people and their deeds whether you love them or hate them.







The annual Spring Exhibition of the Chandos Society. Where over 60 members of this well established group will exhibit in all media including textiles, photography, oils, acrylics and watercolours.