Watchers of the Skies

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‘Watchers of the Skies’ is written and performed by storyteller Carol Florence Graham. It tells the story of Edna Leigh, Carol’s American grandmother, who embarked on a dramatic voyage from New York to Liverpool just before the end of World War Two in order to start a new life. Edna lived in the North West for over forty years and during that time she undertook a very different sort of journey – one that led deep into the heart of ancient cultures and to the discovery of an encyclopedia of astronomy hidden within Homer’s epic poems. In 1991 her daughter and son-in-law inherited her papers and eventually published two books verifying the discoveries.

The piece is a blend of poetry and poetic prose and spirals around Carol’s childhood memories, details of her grandmother’s life in rural Kansas and the discovery of complex star charts and maps – all interwoven with ancient myth, and references to the work of Homer, Keats and other poets. The music, composed by Simon McCorry, draws the audience deeper into a remarkable story that spans generations, continents and thousands of years of poetry and astronomy.

“… I was enchanted and immersed in a journey of the imagination which drew together story, myth, music and the heavens….”

‘Watchers’ is an independent production and was first performed at the Leominster Festival and Ledbury Poetry Festival in 2015. The show was seen in the West Midlands in March 2017 and is touring again in 2018.