Changing Places: An International Exhibition in Homberg and Bridgwater




Call for Artists

‘Changing Places’ is an international opportunity for artists to express how they see, feel and experience their city/town. Exhibition of the work will be in ‘Outside Space’ using the street as a gallery in two countries simultaneously and contrasting this with the convention of using an ‘Inside Space’ at the Bridgwater Arts Centre Gallery.

Some objectives, practicalities and deadlines:

The exhibition will be titled ‘Changing Places’. It will be hung internally and externally on 2 October with a view to staging an opening with live streaming across the event in both Homberg and Bridgwater on 7 October 2018. The external exhibitions will run for a minimum of 14 days and the internal exhibition for the month of October.

Bridgwater Arts Centre is inviting submissions from the community of artists in the Sedgemoor and West Somerset districts. We will show all submissions in the Arts Centre Gallery and a committee will select eight to ten works to be exhibited ‘on the street’ in both the UK and Germany. Work should be in paint or mixed media. On this occasion we will not be considering photographic work or photographs of 3D low relief pieces.

The project will provide an opportunity for the artists to:

  • Exhibit collectively as a group, with selected artists being also exhibited alongside their contemporaries in Germany. We will endeavour to look for further external venues for exhibiting this work through our outreach programme
  • Promote their approach to creative practice and make a visual introduction to their work and ideas
  • Share experience through engaging in creative activity with others across Sedgemoor and West Somerset  
  • Develop lively and engaging discussion and debate on individual approaches to creative practice facilitated by artists working with Bridgwater Arts Centre
  • Forge links between fellow practitioners across the arts community and strengthen opportunities for further collaborative ventures, exhibitions and projects

The deadline for submission of interest in this project will be 13 April 2018 leading to submission of work by 1 August 2018. We will not exhibit work which is incomplete or does not meet the hanging requirements.

The work should be in landscape format 150cm x 250cm or a proportionate size which can be scaled up for reproduction. This is to enable planning for and ease in print reproduction of selected works.

We are interested in encouraging and promoting a variety of approaches as distinctive from our German contemporaries. We are looking to display a maximum of twenty responses to the theme of ‘Changing Places’ in the Arts Centre Gallery, but if the submission proves popular we will endeavour to accommodate this.

For expressions of interest and more information email


An artist can show things that other people are terrified of expressing.

Louise Bourgeois

Does Louise Bourgeois intend that we refer to the confidence that artists have in enabling the audience to engage with challenging subject matter or is she purely making a comment on other people’s lack of confidence in their ability to express? What would happen if we took challenging work and exhibited outside the ‘comfort’ of the gallery? Would this change the artistic approach and play to a more focused outcome? What if our prospective audiences did not have to gain the confidence to step inside the gallery, would they engage more through having the work displayed in the street?

Artists such as Manet and Toulouse-Lautrec were experimenting with graphic print media more than a hundred years ago, intentionally promoting theatrical productions but also indirectly demonstrating their ability and illustrating their personal style. More recently we have seen the work of Banksy using the street as a gallery, making graphic works and concrete statements, continuing to challenge the definition of artistic practice outside the traditions of gallery exhibition.

During October 2018 Bridgwater Arts Centre is hosting an international exhibition of artworks which will be produced both in Germany and the UK. The selected work will be re-translated and made weather resistant through the use of print media, and displayed simultaneously on the streets of both countries in the twin towns of Bridgwater and Homberg.  There is already interest from both British and German media in the publicity for this event and its artworks.

We are looking for work from local, established artists, which expresses how they see, feel and experience their city/town. In total we need eight to ten pieces of work responding to the stated subject that have the potential to engage new audiences, instill curiosity and challenge the perceptions of the traditional gallery, encouraging viewers to visit the Arts Centre, perhaps stepping across the threshold for the first time.

This is one of a series of innovative approaches that the Arts Centre Gallery will be leading on, to support artists in the wider Somerset community. Reaffirming the founding principles that established us as the first Arts Centre supported by the Arts Council England in the UK and building on our established audiences and collective experience over the past seventy years we intend to regenerate this visual arts hub through contemporary thinking, outreach, debate and discourse.

Art exhibitions come alive in the form of street fairs, formal juried shows, or as organised ‘open studios’… This bounty of skilled artists, notable art competitions, progressive community art festivals and sophisticated buyers is a genuine inspiration. Karen Honaker

The subjectivity of ‘Changing Places’ is intended to be very open and we hope that you will engage with the project, developing your ideas through the work towards defining and clearly expressing your intentions within the prescribed parameters.